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NTE Podcast: Ep 117, Toxic Home Transformation Promo Quick Take

VERY short episode this week, as I am speaking at an online event called the Toxic Home Transformation and Im inviting you to sign up and listen for free!  Go to to sign up and hear from over 30 healthy living experts about creating a toxin free home.  I have [...]

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Blog: Ep 115, Testing a Home for Formaldehyde… Show Notes

Andy Pace: This is a Non-Toxic Environments quick take on home air testing. Welcome back to Non-Toxic Environments. I am Andy Pace. This is a special edition of Non-Toxic Environments, a quick take if you will. Every once in a while in between our standard weekly podcasts, I like to [...]

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NTE Podcast: Ep 116, Testing a Home for Formaldehyde Release

With someone suffering from allergies, asthma and chemical sensitivities, formaldehyde release can be extremely dangerous and trigger may reactions. My company is the North American exclusive importer of a test system from Japan that can pinpoint the exact surface in a home that is releasing formaldehyde. The Formaldehyde Release Attenuation Test [...]

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NTE Podcast: Ep 115, Creating a Healthy Home Sanctuary

This episode is a quick and easy take on creating your Healthy Home Sanctuary.  When we say “healthy,” we mean free of as many chemicals, environmental pollutants, and electromagnetic fields (EMFs) as possible. And this desire cuts across generational lines. I’ve consulted with a lot of consumers who specifically mention their [...]

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NTE Podcast: Ep 112, Green vs Healthy- what does GREEN mean?

This episode deals specifically with the difficulties that consumers fade when trying to purchase building and remodeling materials that are healthy, because most retailers dont know how to explain the difference between green and healthy.  We also discuss the consumer educational program called Degree of Green and how it helps homeowners [...]

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