Facts and Background About Degree of Green™



  • Degree of Green™ is a new rating and educational program created to help retailers educate consumers and contractors about the real impact of “green” home improvement and home building products on the environment and on human health.
  • Degree of Green™ rates products on four levels, with a rating of 4 going to products that have:
    • the least adverse effects on human health
    • the highest level of environmental sustainability
    • the least adverse effects on the environment
  • Each Degree of Green™ report describes a product, its composition, advantages and raw materials sourcing, and offers comparative data.



The Degree of Green™ rating panel includes:

  • Andrew Pace, CSI, a Wisconsin entrepreneur with 15+ years of experience in green and healthy building products.
  • Lyn Falk, founder and owner of Solterra Studios in Thiensville, Wis., and executive producer of Healthy Style television show on American Public Television.
  • Michael Fallarino, a builder, journalist and broadcaster, holistic counselor, and interdisciplinary writer and consultant, in New York State.


Why: Consumer interest in green and healthy home building and improvement products is rising dramatically. But until now, there has been a lack of easily understood information for homeowners and contractors to judge those products.



  • Degree of Green™ panelists are based in metropolitan Milwaukee and in New York, and judge products available to consumers nationally.
  • Degree of Green™ materials will be available at participating retailers nationwide.


When: Degree of Green™ reports are released periodically throughout the year, and will be published in Green Building Product Dealer, a St. Louis-based magazine serving green building products retailers nationwide.


Contact: Andrew Pace, 262-446-6702