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NTE Podcast: Ep 125, Would You Like To Talk Wood?

Wood flooring has been used in our homes for centuries.  Its durable, provides a feeling of warmth and obviously has an aesthetic most of us appreciate.  But is the tried and true sand and finish wood flooring what we really want to use? Solid, pre-finished, floating, laminate, engineered.... terms we [...]

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NTE Podcast: Ep 121, Healthy Home Builders on the Rise

Jen Rome and her fiancé Rusty Stout have done what everyone has hoped and prayed for...They have started a construction company with the goal of not only building healthy homes, but to act as project managers for other builders around the country looking to do the same thing. But lets not get [...]

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NTE Podcast: Ep 120, Follow Up to the Toxic Home Transformation

Many of our listeners and clients....and about 100,000 other people around the world...tuned in to the Toxic Home Transformation last month and heard tip and tricks about healthy home living from over 30 international experts.  Our own Andy Pace was one of those experts, so he shares a little bit [...]

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NTE Podcast: Ep 119, Mold, IAQ, Renting, we’ve opened up the mail bag!

Today’s episode is kind of a grab-bag, mail-bag show, where we tackle some questions from our audience.  First off, if you think you have an IAQ problem, where should you start?? Jay Watts has a segment on how to approach a landlord if you need to rent an apartment, but [...]

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NTE Podcast: Ep 118, How to Hire a Healthy Home Consultant

Andy Pace has been a healthy home materials consultant for many years and has worked with thousands of satisfied clients all over the world.  But every project...every client, is different.  How much time is needed for the typical consulting appointment?  What kind of questions do you need to be prepared [...]

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NTE Podcast: Ep 117, Toxic Home Transformation Promo Quick Take

VERY short episode this week, as I am speaking at an online event called the Toxic Home Transformation and Im inviting you to sign up and listen for free!  Go to to sign up and hear from over 30 healthy living experts about creating a toxin free home.  I have [...]

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Blog: Ep 115, Testing a Home for Formaldehyde… Show Notes

Andy Pace: This is a Non-Toxic Environments quick take on home air testing. Welcome back to Non-Toxic Environments. I am Andy Pace. This is a special edition of Non-Toxic Environments, a quick take if you will. Every once in a while in between our standard weekly podcasts, I like to [...]

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