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Blog: FRAT Testing Results 11/9/18

Alright... Time to release a few more FRAT results.  Ive mixed it up this time.  We have some pre-finished flooring, raw oak flooring and vape juice.  You read that right.  I was asked to test vape juice for a client so I thought it would be extremely interesting for all [...]

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NTE Podcast: Ep 134, The Top 5 Episodes of the Year So Far

3500 minutes of Non Toxic Environments this year to date and this episode is a review of the best we've done so far.  If you've wanted to introduce your friends, family and social media followers to Non Toxic Environments, this is the episode to send them.  Carpet, contractors, mold and [...]

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NTE Podcast: Ep 125, Would You Like To Talk Wood?

Wood flooring has been used in our homes for centuries.  Its durable, provides a feeling of warmth and obviously has an aesthetic most of us appreciate.  But is the tried and true sand and finish wood flooring what we really want to use? Solid, pre-finished, floating, laminate, engineered.... terms we [...]

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Blog: Getting to Know Jay Watts

Hello folks this is Jay Watts VP at AFM Safecoat. Firstly I would like to say what an honor it is to team up on these podcasts with Andy Pace at Non Toxic Environments. Andy is one of the true visionaries in the wellness building business. We are confident that [...]

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Blog: Andrew Pace, from the Beginning

My family owns a manufacturers representative firm of commercial construction materials that dates back to the 1930’s.  Growing up, the dinner table conversations were not only about school and sports, they were about products, architects and contractors.  So, after I finished my education, it was quite an easy decision for [...]

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Blog: Working with Contractors when you are Chemically Sensitive

One of the most important components in successfully completing a remodeling project is to retain the services of a reputable contractor. Universally we can agree that a personal referral from a trusted friend or colleague is the place to begin the interviewing process. But you should also recognize that your [...]

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