Technical Difficulties

Technical Difficulties

Technical Difficulties


Hi folks! We’re sincerely sorry to report that our website has been disrupted by internal technical difficulties. The issue seems to be affecting several sites that use the same platform as us, and we are working hard with technicians to fix the issue as soon as possible. We thank you sincerely for your patronage, and we’ll be back up and running in no time!

The site is still usable, but has been reverted to an older version. We apologize if you’re looking for features, products, or options that were previously there. We’ll get them back pronto.

Despite the trouble, we’re happy to be making some major functionality updates to the site, including upgraded free shipping options, Canadian shipping options, new ways to purchase your favorite flooring & transition pieces, and tools to help you calculate the material you need! We’re excited to make your user experience better while using the site.

Just sit tight and we appreciate all the kindness and patience our clientele has to offer.

Thank you!

The GDC Team

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