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Trusted Partners
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Our Favorite Resources and Trusted Partners

Probably the #1 question we get here at Degree of Green is… who do YOU trust?  As we go on with our podcasts and blogs, we’ll continue to add to this list.  This is who we use in out own homes….


Home Air Check

For testing mold, VOC’s, Formaldehyde…even latent cigarette smoke.  Very cost affordable. Extremely accurate.


Sunlighten Infrared Saunas

Andy’s absolute favorite splurge purchase!!  Their M-Pulse unit actually allows you to program near, mid and far infrared waves, depending on what you are trying to achieve for your current session.


Savvy Rest Furniture and Mattresses

While natural doesn’t automatically mean ‘human friendly’, in the case of Savvy Rest, you’ve got nothing to worry about.  Andy’s organic Serenity Savvy Rest mattress is one of the main reasons why he’s always energetic and ready to help!


Aquasana Water Purification

Water is water is water….WRONG!  Whether you have city water or well water, there are many pollutants we have to be concerned about in our household water supply.  Aquasana’s whole house systems are cost effective, extremely easy to install, and highly effective!


Extech Handheld VOC/Formaldehyde Meter

Yes…we actually get fan mail from folks wanting to know what the guys use when doing in-home air quality assessments.  Here it is!  Priced right and easy to use.


AFM Safecoat Paints & Finishes (use coupon code ‘NONTOXIC’ for a 5% discount)

The brand that really started it all.   Andy first became aware of AFM Safecoat back in 1992 and Jay… well, Jay loved the company so much that he literally dropped everything to join them in the mid 1990’s.  Gave up a wonderful career as a graphic artist and dedicated his life to helping folks one can of paint at a time!


Coyuchi, Organic pillows, shams, blankets, duvets and sheets

You have to put something on top of that comfortable Savvy Rest mattress, so you’re best using bedding that is organic and healthy just the same!  FYI…The cotton flannel sheets are AMAZING!!


Safer Living Technologies (use coupon code ‘DOGSLT5’ for a 5% discount)

While Andy know just enough to be dangerous about EMF/EMR issues and concerns, Rob Metzinger at Safer Living Technologies really has ALL the answers, and the products to boot.