What is DOG?

What is DOG?
What is DOG? 2018-07-31T14:07:17-05:00

There are dozens of reasons why a product, service or system can be called green

Recycled Content
Low Energy
Human Friendly

just to name a few.

But none of these reasons are THE correct reason.  None are incorrect, either.  So why do manufacturers, retailers and “building experts” lump everything into the same boat?

Mainly, because they just don’t know any better.  Degree of Green was started back in 2007 as a rating system to educate consumers and retailers about he different facets of green.  But today, Degree of Green is a educational portal to teach people how to build healthy AND green.  Through our podcasts, videos, blog posts, and links to our best resources around the world, Degree of Green is your trusted partner in building, remodeling and just living in a healthy home.